Wish You (All of Us) Knew That

Advocating for “us” and despising “them” can feel natural. This polarization causes much of the awfulness Americans complain about today.

Many argue passionately that favoring “us” is good. We love sports and cherish the wins of our teams. We support our family’s children most, followed by those from our school, our town, and then our state. We root for American athletes in the Olympics, regardless of their color, creed, or politics. All because they are “ours” and because we love “us.” 

We have taken this polarization too far:

  • Our side has to win “at any cost.”
  • “If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.” 

It’s gone so far that many Americans don’t expect any organization to be honest. The Superman of 1950 would be shocked.

Fair Thinking

If every American would listen to this discussion with a thoughtful person from Texas, we could start getting along better with our fellow Americans, no matter their politics.

I agree heartily with this person’s willingness to think beyond our parties, beyond ideologies…and to focus on fixing problems rather than arguing about philosophies. Whether they are conservative or liberal, religious or secular is secondary. He is, by the way, an avowed conservative.


  • “It’s OK to be different.”
  • “The party and the people are not the same.”
  • “We see a vile hatred [in politics] today…This was never there when I was younger.”
  • “‘Ha-ha-ha we beat you’ is pathetic…This hatred has got to stop…We have lost our humility.”
  • “Those people [our leaders] are teaching us to be crummy people…with no ability to manage conflict.”

Understanding The Other Side

A friend shared Wish You Knew with me. It coaches organizations to better understand how people see the world differently. These insights are helpful for businesses competing in tight markets, for teams building new products, and even faith-based organizations who want to understand the world they hope to better serve. 

Thank you to Wish You Knew for sharing the above interview.

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