American Butterfly Stories

Lausanne Wayles Trenton was the matriarch of the family and the glue holding us all together. She moderated the war among her children. She bridged the generations.
The story of American Butterfly is triggered by a murder, in broad daylight, for no obvious reason. It is not likely to influence Americans to vote for one political party or the other. However, its pages might change the ways we live with one another…after the votes are tallied.
I wish every American would listen to this man. People of both parties (he is conservative) would have a hard time not thinking him fair and reasonable in the way he talks about politics, his family, and his hope for today's divided America.
Another foundational memory that examines the hopes of past generations and looks towards our aspirations for the future.
Start reading American Butterfly now. Here is the Introduction, Moment 1, Moment 2, and Moment 3. The Moments roll up into what people often call "chapters." About an 8 minute read.

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